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Welcome to Better Health!

Obtain Wellness With Proper Detox & Support

La Luz Wellness Center is Family owned and comprised of a hotel and detox wellness center.  We value your goal to seek quality and lasting health for you and your loved ones! We are here to better assist you on your healing journey.


Please do not hesitate to contact us today! Learn how we can be a support, to get you on the right path, to a better and improved you! 


Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you! God Bless you in all you do!

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LA LUZ WELLNESS CENTER was founded in 2019 in Chihuahua, Mexico in order to provide a place where one can go to heal on every levelWe provide the most cutting-edge World-Class therapies that help deal with these roots of illness and promote self-healing.



  1. A toxic environment in the body that enables microorganisms, neurotoxins, and parasites to thrive.

  2. Severe malnourishment that comes from a poor diet, destroying the intestinal flora and your ability to detox. (NOTE: 80% of your immune system is located in the gut.)

  3. Beliefs and thoughts that influence the way the body functions.

  4. Physical traumas and scars that slow down the energy in the nervous system and the organs they control.