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Dear Friend,

Thank you for your support and interest in La Luz Wellness Center.  We are excited that you want to learn more about our facility and services and gain a better understanding of our mission and future goals.

Everything begins with Mary. Our family experienced a severely traumatic incident when Mary choked on a piece of pecan at the age of 9 months and suffered for 45 minutes with anoxia. This trauma left Mary’s brain injured and unable to move, speak, or even blink. With the intention and hope to find a cure for her situation, Dr. Virginia Marston, her mother, sought assistance in the United States.  After a short amount of time, hundreds of volunteers from around the United States began offering help with Mary’s therapies.  These volunteers happened to include world renowned doctors, such as Dr. Patricia Kane PhD, Dr. Viola Frymann DO and Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, who, in hearing of Mary’s case opened the doors for Dr. Marston’s entry into a broader spectrum of the medical field. Due to the donations of time and knowledge from these Doctors and volunteers, Dr. Marston was able to assist her daughter with day to day medical care, and also to begin her own advanced learning in the field of Alternative Medicine.

After 17 and a half years of intense personal and familial struggle, Mary passed away in the winter of 2009. Through careful thought and prayer, Dr. Marston came to the conclusion that this was not the end but rather only the beginning of her medical career.  In her personal development throughout the years of working with Mary, Dr. Marston began to expand her understanding of medicine, with the mission to assist the sick and suffering that would come upon her path. Little by little, educational opportunities continued to present themselves, and ultimately these opportunities for learning culminated in what is now La Luz Wellness Center

Mary’s light continues to shine upon us and embrace us through thick and thin. All of these experiences have inspired us to create La Luz Relief Fund, a 501(c3) nonprofit organization to help raise funds for clinical and educational purposes. La Luz Relief Fund is the initial means to support our educational mission through the creation of an academy. The academy will bring doctors and practitioners from around the world to teach and share medical knowledge and experiences with other practitioners and patients. 


Our strict criteria for quality in every practice is passionately based upon our mission to insure that every patient gets the most out of their visit. We provide the best practices available; as we our constantly adding a knowledge-base of concepts and practices to our résumé.



To provide a place where one can go to heal on every level.



  1. A toxic environment in the body that enables microorganisms, neurotoxins, and parasites to thrive.

  2. Severe malnourishment that comes from a poor diet and congested liver, gallbladder and pancreas, affecting patients ability to produce juices that aid in digestion and absorption. This can destroy the intestinal flora and your ability to detox. (NOTE: 70% of your immune system is located in the gut.)

  3. Beliefs and thoughts that influence the way the body functions.

  4. Physical traumas and scars that slow down the circulation in the nervous system and the organs they control.

We provide the most cutting-edge World-Class therapies that help address the root cause and promote self-healing.

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