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D. Castro

Mothers Child and Teenager

I would like to let everyone know how the Good Lord has blessed me so, so much!  Makes me humble thinking about it.

My 14 year old son had a major problem with his leg. It hardly had any circulation going through it. Part of the top of his foot was black and numb. It was dying off! Where it was dying off, he had no feeling! It was hard, hard skin! (The needle couldn't hardly go through it when he got therapy with Dr. Marston, and once they got it in, it was almost impossible to squeeze liquid in!) The part that wasn't hard was soo swollen, along with the toes on his feet, I thought they would pop any time! Nothing he did or took would take away the swelling! He also had varicose veins from the top of his leg all the way down to the bottom of his leg.

He had constant pain in his leg, some times so severe he couldn't walk on it. I took him to doctor after doctor trying to find out what was wrong with him, in the USA and Mexico! Sadly, no one could figure out the problem. One doctor that specialized in veins said the problem was his varicose veins, and wanted to operate. We where willing to do it, hoping it would solve the problem, so we scheduled an appointment. The day before the procedure was supposed to take place, the doctor called, and told us he didn't think that would solve the problem. He said he didn't know what was wrong with his leg, and that he didn't want to go through with the operation. He wished us luck. And so we where back where we started.

We where very discouraged! 

We prayed and prayed. My sister got inspired to take him to Dr. Marston to get a checkup. (We hadn't taken him because we didn't know all that she was capable of doing, and because of our own insecurities).  Dr. Marston was very, very kind to us. She took him in right away. She injected his foot every 3 days for a while. Each time she treated him the swelling on his leg would go down! The pain would stop! He couldn't feel them poking him with the needle on his foot, where it was dying off, but after a few sessions his feeling started coming back! He still isn't all the way better, but it improved immensly! 

Thank God for answering our prayers! And Many Thanks to Dr. Virginia Marston!

Another situation:

My 1 year old started getting Seizures that would not go away! It was the saddest thing! One right after the other! I would have to rush him to emergency room and have him sedated so they would stop! I took him to Dr. Virginia Marston and she started assisting him right away!

They became less and less horrible, until now at 3 years, almost 4, he has had only a few during the entire time, and very mild compared to how he got them before! It has been a blessing! Those are a few of the many times she has helped us.

Thank you so so much Dr. Marston 💖💖

- D. Castro

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