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Virginia Marston R.N., N.D.

Virginia Marston R.N., N.D.

Dr. Virginia Marston is an American Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor and fully registered Mexican nurse.  She holds certifications in neural therapy, family constellation therapy, iridology, membrane medicine nutrition, intensive chiropractic procedures and ozone therapy in addition to years of hands on experience with many other therapies involved with her own daughters intensive care.  

Not only a mother of 12, she has been an instructor for courses on nutrient therapy at the American College for the Advancement in Medicine and Membrane Medicine for the NeuroLipid Research Foundation. She has lectured and presented her therapy and treatment applications in many conferences as both a teacher and keynote speaker.

Her passion for healing comes from her personal experiences and battles with her own daughter Mary (Mary of the Light and Maria De La Luz in Spanish). Mary suffered from cerebral palsy, due to choking on a pecan at the age of 9 months back in 1991 and surviving around 40 minutes without proper oxygen to the brain/body (see 'About Us' for more of the story).


Dr. Marston is always on the search for the most efficient and safe natural alternative therapies and medicine and knowledge to help her fulfill her mission as both a physician and a teacher. She wishes to soon empower doctors, medical professionals, parents, children and all the public alike with the education and tools to have optimal health in these times in which real health has been so much of a challenge for many to achieve.


Dr. Marston has accumulated over 30 years of hands on experience and over 20 years of professional hands on experience.

If you feel you have anything to offer our mission as presented above please do not hesitate to contact us on our 'contact' page, we would love to hear from you. We believe honest open-mindedness and sharing, from patient and their family to doctor, and doctor to doctor, is a very important key for the successful path of any patients full recovery; next to education and discipline.



(partial as of June 2015)

Galeana, Chiuhuahua, Mexico



May 2007 - March 2012  
Board Certified Naturopathic Physician, American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board
Trinity School of Natural Health, Warsaw, Indiana

August 1996 -  June 1999 
Registered Nurse
Titulo de la Escuela de Enfermeria de San Pedro in Del Estado de Coahuila de Xarogoza


1995 to 2013   American Academy of Neural Therapy

Intensive Neural Therapy, 1998

Autonomic Response Testing, 2000

Energy Psychology, 2005

Neural Therapy and Mesotherapy Certification,  2008


Autonomic Response Testing, Level 3, 2013

1997   American Board of Hypnotherapy

Certified Hypnotherapist, 1997

1995 to 2011   Hellinger Constellation Therapy

Courses at the American Academy of Neural Therapy, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt starting in 1995

International Intensive Certification in Austria, 2007, 2008, 2011

Diploma in Hellinger Constellation Therapy in Austria, 2011

2009   The Institute of the National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals Iridology Certification, 2009

2011   Membrane Medicine, NeuroLipid Research Foundation
Biomedical Conference Certifications -  2011 - 2015

2013   Centro University of Medical Alternatives (CUAM)

Diploma in Intensive Chiropractic Procedures, 2013

2014   Centro University of Medical Alternatives (CUAM)
Certification in Ozone Therapy, 2014



May 13 – 16, 2011   Wright – Gaby Nutritional Therapy in Medical Practice in Seattle, WA

Dr. Jonathan Wright and Dr. Alan Gaby 4-day intensive course on nutritional medicine



2011   American College for the Advancement in Medicine (ACAM)
IV Nutrient Therapy and Membrane Stabilization with IV Phospholipid Therapy, 2011

2012 - 2014   Membrane Medicine, NeuroLipid Research Foundation
Assisting physicians in the instruction of performing IV Lipid Therapy, 2012 – 2014

November 2014   Membrane Medicine, NeuroLipid Research Foundation
Presentation to physicians on Clinical Practice, Nov 2014

June 2015   Membrane Medicine, NeuroLipid Research Foundation
Workshop on Clinical Application of Stabilization of the Microbiome, June 2015

Presentation to physicians on Clinical Practice, June 2015   



2013 to present - Health Consultant Specialist in private practice

Full spectrum of therapies provided in biomedical facility 

2013 Dr. Franz Milz in Bad Grönenbach, Germany

Full instruction in Mayer Cure Therapy and Advanced Neural Therapy



Dr. Patricia Kane, PhD, Director
NeuroLipid Research Foundation, Membrane Medicine
45 Reese Road
Millville, New Jersey, USA
Phone: 856 825 8338

Dr. Kara Nakisbendi, MD
233 Lancaster Avenue, Suite 103
Ardmore, Pennsylvania 19003
Phone: 610 642 1330

Dr. Franz Milz, MD
Am Schloßberg 6
87730 Bad Grönenbach, Germany,
Ph:+49 8334 9893390

Dr. Virginia Marston: About Us
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