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Inpatient Maintenance Program

Our Highly Valued support program for those completing any of our inpatient intensive programs. This cost-effective plan helps further solidify lasting results.

Our Inpatient Maintenance Program is designed and tailored to fit the needs of every individual patient who wishes to get extended care and give their body a little more time to recover before heading home.. This program in general is about 30%-50% less expensive than the patients initial choice of Intensive program.

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Why Do A Maintenance Program With La Luz ?

With this program patients will have access, as needed, to all therapies, medicines and medical staff support as in the intensive program, with the understanding that the patients body is not likely to be testing for much therapy and medicine (using ART).  


When a patient signs up to this program, it is normally done at the recommendation of one of our doctors who see's that our patient can greatly benefit from an extended stay.

This additional stay has shown to greatly improve, even more, the body's immune system and assist patients with any minor detox necessities that may come up, all while improving more rapid healing and increased results.  In other words, this program gives the patient a little more time to get their body out of detox and recover from all the weeks of treatment before going home,  all while keeping expenses down.


This program is currently limited to 2 weeks at our facility. This small time frame is mostly due to the fact of the objective of getting the patient strong enough and more stable to go home. We believe that once a patient feels they no longer require intensive therapy, they should be able to go home with much better health (a great advantage after proper detox and immune support) ), along with the tools and understanding to better care for themselves. Now that the patient's organs are more cleaner and functioning better, it has been shown that with proper care, consistent discipline, good environment and time the body has the ability to recover from many things it once suffered from. Now that body needs time to reset and start doing what it was created to do. HEAL ITSELF!


Some of our patients may require additional support, which we can provide them through our AfterCare program.  We understand that full healing and recovery can take time. Therefore, we offer several AfterCare options which can either be with one of our La Luz Staff Experts (such as Dr. Virginia Marston) or a highly recommended health care professional located in the USA or Europe, who works directly with us to provide you continual support and guidance.


Note: This program is only offered for patients following treatment at La Luz Wellness Center with the understanding that the patient has significantly completed an intensive or maintenance/preventative program where they are now detoxed and significantly stable enough to go home. 


Although we always try to be a support to all patients and offer professional counsel and professional medical services, we cannot be responsible for patients who return back to toxic environments and who neglect themselves. We educate and do our best to empower and motivate every patient of ours to make the best choices possible once they leave our Center. We strongly encourage all our our patients and all those suffering to take the time and make the effort (discipline), to make permanent life-style changes for long lasting results.


"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

You can do it!

You have already made it this far!  Stay Strong!

We continually pray for all our patients and their families!

God Bless you! SMILE often!




For pricing and details please


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