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Testimonials from Our Clients

Every year here at La Luz Wellness Center we meet many wonderful people who are struggling with either their health, or the health of a loved one. We are humbled to have received hundreds of emails,  phone calls, letters in the mail and in-person thanks. This is just a few of the thousands of testimonials and feedback that we are getting from our visitors. We Thank God for making these results and stories possible!


My Daughter with Lyme Disease

I recently took my daughter to La Luz Wellness Center in Mexico to be placed under the care of Dr. Virginia Marston.  My daughter has had chronic lymes disease for more than 10 years.  We sought both holistic and western medicine to improve my daughter’s health.  It’s very confusing to find the right path for someone with chronic lymes disease, but I believe that we did find that right path for my daughter. She spent 4 weeks in Mexico taking various therapies and IV's.  At the end of 4 weeks, she was feeling so much better.  It was amazing to watch the transformation.  Dr. Marston and her staff are the most caring group of people I have ever met.  Willing to address problems on any level to help people recover from a very debilitating disease. I would highly recommend any one with any type of disease to spend time at this Center.  They were a blessing to me and my family.

Renee S.


Years with Ovarian Cysts

I want to thank the amazing Wellness Center for helping heal me from Ovarian Cysts, I had a very large one on my left and a smaller one on my right, was in a lot of pain and with the care and treatments I got there I was completely healed, not only that they taught me how to take care of myself to never get them again, what I love about the clinic and Dr. Virginia is that they not only treat the problem at hand but also teach you how to take care of yourself so you can live a healthy life, I’ve learned so much from there about nutrition and have had five healthy children since. They are some of the best kindest people I’ve known.  They’ve gone out of there way to help even when I’ve called them after hours with a sick child, I’m so grateful.

Thank you!




Epilepsia desde hace 17 años

Hace tiempo habia escuchado de la La Luz Wellness Center por terceras personas, pero Gracias. a Dios me llegaron comentarios de milagros de mi querido primo hermano, y digo querido porque para mi fue la primera bendicion su recomendacion y el ver que su esposa sin esperanza de tener otro bebe, tienen ahora una hermosa nena...

Asi es como llegamos a esta Centro donde nos recibio la Dra. Virginia Marston, la cual revizo a mi hijo por sus ojos y su sangre y nos dio un dato de su lesion que solo con una resonancia se podria saber, aqui empezo nuestra historia de confianza hacia ella, que me lleno de esperanza para mi hijo Edgar, el cual tiene epilepsia desde hace 17 años y todo ese tiempo ha sido  una montaña rusa de medicos y medicamentos que le trajeron junto con su enfermedad trastornos en el sueño y una severa depresion por el lugar donde su foco epileptico esta localizado...



I highly recommend La Luz Wellness Center. Not only are they very friendly, they are also very professional at the same time, I feel they really love what they do, and put there whole heart into each and every client, and that clients individual needs. Dr. Marston is extremely knowledgeable, and together with the staff, has made such a difference in our community and so many individuals personal lives.

Thank you!

Adela S.


Daughter Born Premature

My name is Viviana Castillo,

I would like to show my appreciation to Doctor Marston & La Luz Wellness Center.  My family and I have been assisted by Doctor Marston for many years, at times when I did not know what to do because doctors could not help with puzzling health issues that my daughter has, she was able to help her greatly because of her knowledge. My daughters health has improved greatly, the information on nutrition and supplementation have changed our lives for the better.

The Neural Therapy has helped me personally immensely, because of a Cesarean section I had a lot of back pain and felt very weak, after a few sessions l was able to feel normal again. I am extremely grateful to have access to their services and support in my life. Any emergency that I have I have been blessed to be able to call Doctor Marston and get advice which has been most helpful. They have been a Blessing to my family and I.

Vivianna Castillo


Speaking from the Heart

La Luz Wellness Center. Center of the Light. Words cannot fully articulate the light that this place has brought into my life. 

My first visit, I came with general intentions of a patient. I came to get healing - for pain, for ailments, for bodily concerns.

Since that visit, I have returned many times to the Wellness Center. Healing has been a process for me. But the Center has remained, and will continue to remain, a steadfast foundation and home for my continued physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. I am thankful every day that God sent Dr. Virginia and her family into my life. And I am excited to see where our paths lead. 

I believe healing is a process. Healing is about awareness.  And healing always happens in community with others. I encourage those who are struggling with their health to seek out their communities for support. I have no doubt that those who find themselves on a healing path that includes La Luz Wellness Center will find that they have been blessed beyond words. 

In certain circumstances, what do you say when words don't cut it?
Sometimes, you can only speak from your heart.

Rachel Walker Bender


Mothers Child and Teenager

I would like to let everyone know how the Good Lord has blessed me so, so much!  Makes me humble thinking about it.

My 14 year old son had a major problem with his leg. It hardly had any circulation going through it. Part of the top of his foot was black and numb. It was dying off! Where it was dying off, he had no feeling! It was hard, hard skin! (The needle couldn't hardly go through it when he got therapy with Dr. Marston, and once they got it in, it was almost impossible to squeeze liquid in!) The part that wasn't hard was soo swollen, along with the toes on his feet, I thought they would pop any time! Nothing he did or took would take away the swelling! He also had varicose veins from the top of his leg all the way down to the bottom of his leg...

D. Castro


My 19 year old son was a patient at La Luz Wellness Center.  He was referred by his medical doctor in California who had been treating him for over a year for various neurological and physical problems.  My son was diagnosed with Lyme disease, mold and heavy metal toxicity, and autoimmune encephalitis creating inflammation in his brain.  He was experiencing extreme fatigue, pain, brain fog, dizziness, and a general inability to function neurologically.  My son was not able to attend high school, go to public spaces with too much noise or light, normal daily activities would force him to stay in bed for days to recover, and he experienced extreme insomnia.  I trusted our doctor in California when she recommended my son to visit at La  Luz Wellness Center.  She stated that this was the only Center of this type she would trust and recommend for therapy. We received excellent care with extremely attentive, caring, and knowledgeable medical staff.  My son’s therapy was individualize based on his symptoms, daily he was assessed, and no attention was too great in order to help my son.  Dr. Marston and the nurses first goal was to heal my son.  We were very comfortable at the Center and Hotel.  The medical team’s passion for teaching us how to maintain his health after returning home was key to my son’s recovery.  Upon returning home my son worked very hard following the guidelines of the Doctor. 
He continued to detox his body and rebuild his strength.  After 5 months my son for the first time in 2 1/2 years is able to function normally and he feels great.  He is able to work over 30 hours a week, with over 8 hours a day, he mountain bikes, rock climbs, surfs for hours, he has finished high school and successfully been able to take a college course.  He is no longer fatigued, he is able to sleep, and he is able to eat many things his stomach was unable to tolerate before.
For the first time in 2 1/2 years he is planning his future and looking forward to attending college full time in the fall.  We are extremely grateful to the Center and their staff for taking care of my son, truly caring for his health mentally and physically, and giving back his future.  I fully believe he would not be better and able to function if we had not come to La Luz Wellness Center.

Angela Wardlaw

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